Snippets : Polution Profiteering

Snippets : News Worth Bullet-Point-Ing

The Entrepreneurs Making Money Out of Thin Air by Vikram Bahrat, May 16, 2017

Soaring air pollution in the world’s cities is leading some to seek innovative, and often expensive, solutions in order to breathe a little easier.

“A single eight-litre bottle of compressed Canadian air…holds around 160 breaths and costs C$32 ($24) per bottle.”
that averages about 9 minutes of air for an adult
that averages about US$160 for one hour of breathing
(how many breaths are you worth?).
“…[S]cientiests say there is no evidence or research which shows the upside of bottled air.”

“…[C]anned or bottled air is not the only way companies are cashing in on pollution.”

“Airinum…sells colourful and camouflaged masks in a range of styles for between $66 and $75 apiece.”

The demand for designer masks is growing.

Airmotion Labs Designs Colorful Air Pollution Masks for Kids




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